All electronic devices consume power even when they are put in a stand-by mode. This nature of utilization of power is usually referred to as ‘Phantom Power’.

Phantom Power is basically use of a minuscule amount of electricity which lies approximately in a range of 2-10% of the total power consumption. But on a larger scale it’s not a dwarf figure. After summing up, this sort of a power consumption leads to 26% of the total electrical losses world wide. Interestingly, 57% of these losses are from computers.

Independent studies show that a shocking 60% of employees do not turn off computers when they leave office. 10 % do not even turn off their Monitors and a surprising 85% keep their machines switched on while taking breaks.

To curb the wastage of electricity, SPARA is a product which allows cutting short the Phantom Power by 97%. In layman’s language, SPARA minimizes power consumption by around 50 MW/hr for an average of 1000 computers per year.

Equipped with a hardware and software module, SPARA stays on to become the ultimate in power management and distribution. Adding to the low electricity bill (which SPARA guarantees) a number of other features and what you receive is an irreplaceable product. The SPARA module is designed in such a way that it assist your work instead of resembling a machine which would require instructions at every stage.